Industries Served

UBC millwrights perform mission-critical work in a broad range of industries including new technologies and developments such as Small Modular Reactors – SMRs. Our highly trained experts work with speed and precision to ensure as little downtime as possible

From the surging material handling industry in distribution plants across North America to the booming oil and gas industry, UBC millwrights can be found behind the scenes, partnering with leading manufacturers to keep industry moving and economies healthy.

Bulk Grain Carrier Ship


We’re the auto industry’s go-to professionals for rigging, maintaining and repairing critical machinery on the assembly line. We embrace new ways to keep pace with the evolving automotive industry.


UBC millwright technicians specialize in troubleshooting everything from electrical controls to mechanical systems to programmable logic controllers — all to keep production moving as efficiently as possible.


Automation is growing — and along with it is the demand for highly skilled human hands to keep it all running smoothly. Our mechatronics technicians are cross-trained in all facets of mechanics, electronics and computing.


Oil and gas production is in high demand and the need for talented technicians to maintain industrial rigs is greater than ever before. Fortunately, highly skilled, credentialed, professional UBC millwrights are trained and ready to deploy.


In the power generation industry, staying competitive means completing outages on time, building quickly, and maintaining equipment with accuracy. UBC millwrights are power generation industry experts who keep the lights on.


Our millwrights are ready to build the facilities, farms, panels, and towers needed to harness the unlimited natural resources fueling the massive growth of the renewable energy industry. That’s good for power producers and consumers alike.

Employ the safest, highly skilled Millwright workforce today. Make the wright move!

“At OPG we are impressed with the professionalism we see in the Millwrights that are deployed for work in our facilities, this is a testament to the time taken to train them to be skilled workers who take pride in their workmanship.”
Bill Owens
SVP, Refurbishment Execution | Nuclear Refurbishment, Ontario Power Generation
APM - Atlantic Power Maintenance
“In today’s environment, you have to continuously be improving. The UBC millwrights are the most highly qualified people that can be on a jobsite.”
Rick Rives
President, Atlantic Plant Maintenance
Siemens Westinghouse
“The UBC millwright crews are highly productive, with few non-recordable and zero recordable injuries. For logging over 100,000 hours worked on the job so far, that’s not too bad.”
Michael F. McCormick
President, Siemens Westinghouse Generation Services
Black & McDonald
“UBC millwright crews bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and professionalism to the job on our site, both of which are highly valued in our nuclear environment where safety and quality are our overriding priorities.”
Murray Hoggart
Site Manager Darlington, Black & McDonald
Conveyor Specialities
“The performance and attitudes of UBC millwrights that we’ve seen throughout the entire country has been excellent. They’re working hard and they’re working safe.”
Chris Stevens
Owner, Conveyor Specialties
Newell Machinery Company
“UBC millwrights have provided us with a fantastic resource for labour and opened up all kinds of opportunities that we didn’t have access to before.”
Greg Moharin
Vice President, Newell Machinery
“The UBC millwright crews did very well and they were very professional. The UBC has provided us with a level of expertise that is beyond what we expected. The most important asset is their skill set. The training that the UBC provides millwrights is to be commended.”
Mike Arnoff
Owner, Arnoff (Mechanical Equipment) Moving